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Kick me baby one more time :P

As i’m nearing the end of this beautiful phase of being pregnant, I am enjoying it all the more! Even though I have been unwell for the past two weeks, it doesn’t stop from being special. The kicks these days are getting stronger as there is a space crunch in my belly. Poor little baby doesn’t have enough space to move around, making its movements more prominent.

As advised by my practioner, I have been asked to check on the baby’s movements daily. This is one task I love doing as I eagerly wait for my baby to signal and tell me that things are ok. It is so much fun to watch my tummy going in waves but when the baby doesn’t move much, it freaks me out ๐Ÿ˜ฆ . Hence I try tehcniques like poking lightly, walking around, talking to it etc. If there are any other methods to get my baby active, I would love for you’ll to share in the comments below.

That’s all for now folks, I am quite tired out from buying Christmas gifts this morning for my friends. I will be back again ๐Ÿ™‚ until then XOXO


The ever changing bump.

I know it’s been a while since my last post but that’s only because I was a little under the weather. It started off with fever and then went onto giving me a tough time with all the body itching and vomiting. At this stage of pregnancy it is definitely alarming and I was in a way hibernating, resting it up as my body needed it.

Coming back to the changes that my body is going through, my bump has now transformed into the shape of an apple. Usually, the belly button tends to protrude as and when your bump stretches but mine has kind of gone in. So the view I have from the top resembles that of an apple. On certain days, the bump seems to have gone down a little and on other days I feel like I might just pop any minute. ๐Ÿ˜›

However, my doc tells me that I need to monitor the little buns movements now morning, noon and night just so that we can be clear of its arrival ๐Ÿ™‚ . This being my 8th month, is crucial again as a lot of problems tend to surface, this being the last leg of the pregnancy. Weeks later, life is going to take a 360 degree spin and my bump is going to change into loose flab and of course there’s going to be a baby ๐Ÿ™‚

So enjoy while it lasts ladies!

Something called a breast tail.

On entering my second trimester, I finally did breathe a sigh of relief until I saw this. A little lump under my right arm pit had formed and this was something I hadn’t noticed as I was more focused on growing my beautiful bump. This little growth started showing at the beginning of my 6th month I guess and initially I thought of it to be some kind of a fat accumulation. Like any other person would react, I panicked as well!

So I consulted my gynae friend who was in school with me and asked him a little about it because when I tried playing doctor myself and went online to research, it told me about the lump being cancerous. Now, the C word is the last thing you want your body to go through especially when you’re going to have a baby. Luckily, my friend put all my stress to rest by telling me a little more about this lump. Apparently it is something called the ‘breast tail’. Basically they are an extension of the tissues from your breast that go right up to your arm pit, because you are slowly filling your glands with milk and the lactation process has begun. It is like a duct or passage for the milk to be stored in or pumped from.

Thank god for that! However, for all the new moms to-be, please be aware of the changes that your body experiences and share it with the rest of us. Something like a breast tail is not often spoken of on the baby apps or even some of the articles. An awareness of such terms is especially important to be spread to women across the globe, to avoid any confusion or risk. So this is me giving you a little piece of info, hoping you share the same with me ย in future ๐Ÿ™‚

p.s. I won’t put up pictures of the breast tail so for those of you who are curious, you can google and take a look ๐Ÿ™‚

Second trimester: the babymoon period



The best time during the entire term, where you can relax a bit and be stress free is your second trimester. For most women, the nausea comes to an end and cravings begin. Apetite is definitely better during this time. Also, there are less restrictions on your movements as the umblical cord is now connected to your little bun. This ensures some security and chances of miscarrying drop down by notches.

Your second trimester is the time when you can enjoy some good music or go out with your girls just for a change or for that matter start focusing on the little flutters that are soon to begin inside. Yes, by the end of the fourth month you are bound to feel slight flutters. The only problem is you may not realize it initially and pass it off as being gas but once you do start focusing, it is the cutest signal that the little starts sending you.

For those of you who love traveling, this is a good time for a getaway. Take a break, rejuvenate and spend some quality time with your spouse as this is the last time you’ll will be alone together ๐Ÿ˜› . Of course your little bun also travels with you technically but for now just focus on doing things with each other and pick a destination which isn’t too far from home. Most airlines allow you to travel up to your 28th week but we don’t want to stretch it that far so try and finish your trips before you enter your third trimester. This is why I call this period the ‘babymoon’ where you are safe and so is your baby.

Sex is safe now. Of course you need to consult your gynae before anything but it is known to be safe. So don’t worry about getting a little naughty as the ย baby is too young to notice anything.

I highly recommend all the new moms to-be, to enjoy this period, play dress up and make the most of it. The moment you enter your 7th month or third trimester, your body is going to cause you discomfort and weight can actually weigh you down. So belly up ๐Ÿ˜› and have a great babymoon period.



























Why let color speak gender?

I’ve never understood why we think blue for a boy and pink for a girl. Why can’t it be the other way around? Or for that matter, let it be any color for any gender. Babies after all look cute in anything put together. Just fluff them up with talc and they’re good to go. Of course I can understand if the choice of clothing is what you want to reconsider; like a frock for a baby boy or mini tux for the girl. But even then, I feel we should not limit them to gender specific clothes.

In India, it is illegal to find out about the sex of your baby, so these 9 months or 40 weeks become a very trying period when it comes to baby shopping. Most people choose neutral colors like yellow, green or purple just to be on the safer side. However, having said that most of the clothes are your usual top and bottom set or rompers. Very rarely do people buy frocks or dungarees as they don’t know about the gender of the baby.

Similar is the case of the toys we buy for them. In todays day and age, it is better to let your child choose the toy that he/she spots on the counter. Your baby boy might want a doll and your little girl, a batman. Please do not stereotype them as they will only be forced to think and behave a certain way thereafter. Color should not decide your gender or your sexuality. Be open to new ways and ideas so that your child also grows up in a liberal and open minded environment. Be accepting of who they are, it is easier said than done but it is the right thing to do and with the right amount of effort, nothing is impossible.

So, happy shopping to all the expectant mothers and let color be the last thing on your mind!











No cramps, no menses.. Pregnancy bears all expenses!



As much as I am waiting for the little bundle of joy to arrive, I somewhere want to continue being pregnant! As crazy or hilarious as that sounds, I kind of love feeling these kicks or looking at my stretch marks or being pampered endlessly. But what I enjoy more is not having my monthly cycles ๐Ÿ˜› . The pain of going through the wetness, irritation, mood swings, changing non stop, becoming a little immobile etc. , just seems so not worth it!

Pregnancy on the other hand has its cons as well like sleeplessness, mood swings, weight gain, unwanted hormonal changes etc but at least it doesn’t tag along for life! Pregnancy really does bear all the other expenses that we have to cater to in our lives and as being women. It is a beautiful journey of those 36-40 weeks and another journey for life that you take on with your baby.

So enjoy these months, till the bloody monster knocks on your door once again after everything is over. I have ten more weeks to go, where I can openly boast to my friends about not getting cramps or worrying about stains etc. So all I say is, enjoy while it lasts!












Late baby or Late career?

With the way things are going today, people are exposed to some life changing decisions that they need to consider in their personal lives. Firstly there is this trend of getting married late. Why this has come into existence is because we have major trust issues when it comes to people we desire to know or already know. Internet plays a huge role in causing this conflict in our minds. With apps like Tinder or other online dating sites, a lot of misinformation is provided which misleads those people looking for a serious relationship or for that matter looking to settle down.

Another reason for getting married late is the choice of career. More often than ever, people seem to think of marriage as a full stop. Let us please remind ourselves that marriage is nothing but a piece of paper that binds you to your partner and not something that changes what you have been for 24-25 years. So, decisions that you do take after marriage should in no way affect your marriage. All you need to do is find a balance and you’re good to go.

However, most individuals who do get married earlier than the rest, then delay starting a family. Why? This is because none of them want their career to take a beating or want a 365 degree spin. Let us be honest, the initial joys of marriage last only till the time you don’t have your bills to pay, loans to clear or for that matter family responsibilities. I believe that risking your health at a later age has far more consequences than having a career at a later stage. Start a family and then focus on your career as you don’t have to worry about maternity leave or the long gap after pregnancy where you go through post partum depression etc. Once your baby turns 2 or 3, do start looking out for an alternative career which can help you focus on your family as well as giving you back that confidence.

So late career can definitely work better than planning a baby late. Do not risk your health or reduce your chances of having a beautiful baby, by running after your job. Your boss can wait and won’t give you your wonder years, but a baby can. So, make a move and take a risk and it’ll be a decision you will never regret for the rest of your life ๐Ÿ™‚














Maternity wear: yay or nay?



Usually women enjoy dressing up or at least being up to date when it comes to fashion. There is never an end to shopping and this is nothing but the universal truth. So it comes as no surprise that even during a phase like pregnancy, they want to look and feel good. The only drawback here is the rapid weight gain that takes place, which you really don’t have any control over. So the question here is, do we keep buying apparels for each plus size that we enter into or should we try and make use of the existing clothes by making our own creative alterations? Well, let us find out!


While some women start gaining weight right from the first trimester, there are some others that tend to lose it due to all the nausea. For the ones who do gain weight, the best buy would be the stretch pants! There is nothing like owning a pair or two during this time as it’ll last you right till the end. However, do not go overboard with buying these pants as you will only need one or at the max two throughout your pregnancy.


When it comes to your top half, wear breathable fabrics and clothes. Ponchos, kaftaan, shirts or dresses itself can do the trick. If you are planning to buy something that you want to use right till the end, then go for a material that stretches like rayon, lycra or viscose. This way you are not tempted to go on splurging and changing your entire wardrobe.

As much as possible, use what you already have. Open up a few stitches, make the necessary alterations, bring out your stoles and jackets to camouflage that bump if you want and so on. Also if you want to add some spunk, team it up with some jewellery. My suggestion would be to save up on all that money for the little ones shopping as that is something you need to really think of and plan.

Things to remember:

If you buy a top or a dress, go for something with a front open zip as it’ll come in handy when you are nursing your baby later.

There is a possibility of your feet swelling as the months progress, so buy just one pair of open sandals or slippers so that you don’t get a toe jam later.



Fist bump !

Hello dear readers! This is going to be my newest platform to talk about all things motherhood. I do have another blog on ย but this is exclusively for mothers and the challenges that come with being a mom.

I hope I can reach out to each one of you through my writing and posts. I also wish that I can connect with as many mothers out there, who are on the same page as I am just so we can make our job easier and fun ๐Ÿ™‚

So, here is a fist bump from me to you as I need all the luck and love to get started here.


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