Any kind of health related discomfort to your baby, not only disturbs him but also disrupts the routine that you so carefully form around him. Cold is one such problem that is unavoidable and when you get it, it takes a while before it leaves your system. So, here are a few home remedies that you can try out to get rid of this.

The oil that you usually use for your baby for massaging purpose can be made more interesting. Fry carom seeds and few cloves of garlic till they turn brown and add it to the oil. Mainly apply this oil to the back of the baby. Repeat for a few days and it will do wonders.

Breast milk is THE best drink for babies up to 6 months. It is like a magic potion and fights all bacteria.

Clothing should be weather appropriate. Babies feel temperature slightly differently as their immune system is still building. So make sure your baby is well clad.

Nasal saline drops are another option but I would recommend trying the home remedies first and keep this as last resort.

So here’s hoping to awaken the doctor in you 🙂