More often than ever we find new moms being extremely concerned about matters related to feeding their little ones. Breast feeding isn’t as easy as it is made out to be and no one tells you about the challenges that you may face during that journey. For most mums, lactating isn’t a problem and they tend to produce enough to keep the tummies of their babies full. However, some mothers do have milk but it may not suffice at times. Due to this, the baby keeps waking up and demanding more feed in shorter intervals. Having said that, waking up is also associated to passing pee and not just a hungry tummy.There are two ways to solve this issue; first is by eating foods that will help produce more milk and preferred second choice is to use formula.

Formula is often used by working mums and mums with produce that may not be filling their baby enough. You will often be guilt tripped about using it if you have breast milk and have been BF. Do NOT listen to such pricks as you need to do what is best for your baby. If formula helps fill the tummy, do not refrain from giving it. Breast milk is the best for your newborn, there is no doubt in that but can you let your baby go hungry just to satisfy the society? NO! Having said that, once you do introduce formula, it may be challenging to switch or substitute with BM. Well, I will tell you how that can be done.

When you introduce formula, it may seem like a rather easy option for you instead of going through sore nipples or absyss or any such problems related to BF. But when you introduce formula, there are chances that your baby may reject your milk. It is only human as we go after what is tasty. So, start with giving formula milk just once a day. Give the baby your milk all day and then give one bottle feed at night. Follow this time table for a few days and see if it works. Your baby may start demanding more formula as it requires lesser effort to suck out of a bottle than your breast. If that happens, keep the bottle handy and while feeding or after burping him once, offer your breast. The transition will be smooth and the baby may not realize the switch. If he does realize, then add a few drops of formula to your nipple and then offer. This way, your little one may be able to take in your milk. If that doesn’t work, you could also add pure honey to your nipple just to bring in some change.

So do try these out and Happy feeding 🙂