Babies cry and they cry a lot. It is not always when they are hungry or sleepy, it can also be when they are uneasy. Soon after birth, newborns have several issues related to their tummies. It begins with passing motion or not passing motion, then it could be colic or sometimes it is just gas. Gas is caused for two reasons- 1: when the mother eats something that causes gas and it gets passed onto the baby and 2: when the baby has been burped well.

Usually it is the second one which needs more attention as the first reason can still be monitored and controlled. Babies tend to take in a lot of air when they are breastfeeding. However, they take in more air when they bottle feed as the grip is different from that of a nipple. At times even when they take in large volume of milk at one go, it can cause gas. What should one do to release these gases? Well, for starters we have to take enough time and burp our baby. Place your baby over the shoulder and pat the back with the right amount of pressure. During the first few days the baby takes slightly longer to burp but as the digestive system falls into place, your baby may burp almost immediately.

Another way of releasing gas is by placing your baby on his back and exercising the legs in a cycling motion. This causes pressure to the stomach area and the baby will surely pass gas. If this doesn’t work, you can try stomach fermentation. You take a towel,dip it in warm water and squeeze the water out. After doing this, place the towel on your baby’s tummy. Repeat this at least 2-3 times a day and it’ll work wonders.

Hope this post helps all of you 🙂