As soon as you have your baby in your arms, you have feelings of pure love as also a baggage of worries that are a part of your ‘new mom’ journey. Each day with your baby is a different experience, especially if you aren’t that aware of how things work. Your first concerns as a new mom will be to check your baby’s pee and poop count. The color of the urine detects if your baby has neonatal jaundice or any other health condition if at all. However, you are going to be in for a shock when you see your baby’s first poop. It is black and tar like in consistency. Yes! Black poop and it smells tangy for some reason. But, please do not worry about that as it is normal and will last for two to three days or sometimes even longer.

The black is due to high levels of meconium which do subside in time. Soon after the black poop, you will see dark green next. However, if black continues for over a week kindly consult your practitioner. Once you see dark green, you will slowly see tinges of yellow and that’s when you know that your baby’s system is slowly falling into place. Now that you are aware of the shade card for your baby’s poopu, please keep a check and do not worry.

Also, some newborns do not pass motion as often as others. My baby boy wouldn’t poop for four to five days! All other mothers said it is a matter of concern and that it is not good etc. But I believed in my baby and since he was born in the 37th week, I felt that his digestive system was taking its time to normalise. What i did was, i carved a piece of soap as a suppository to stimulate the rectum. You can also use a Q-tip doused in vaseline and insert gently into the rectum. These are home remedies which will definitely work rather than making that trip to the hospital and seeing worrysome faces around you. Stay calm new mom, as your baby needs you to be. The calmer you are, the better you will be able to handle things. So, I hope this post was helpful and you’ll now know about the truth about baby poop! If there are any more questions, feel free to reach out to me!