Once you are a mother, you have to be prepared for not just changing diapers and cleaning the pee and poo but also ready with your milk factory- ze boobay! I used to think of breastfeeding as one of the best moments you share with your baby soon after birth and after. And it definitely is! The first time your baby latches on, when you see your baby suckle and then stare at you (while not being able to really focus) and so on. But, did any one tell you about breast engorgement, sore nipples or pain? Not many mothers share that part of it but here I am sharing a little bit of information.


Why I call it ‘booby’ call is because you need to feed your baby on demand and trust me the demand will be a lot in the initial few days. This will be to the extent that you’ll literally need to sit in the bare to save you the trouble from unbuttoning repeatedly. So, at nights when my baby boy cries out of hunger I jump out of bed and quickly pop the boob out to feed him. But, when he latches onto my sore nipple, it is like I tasted piri piri and back! This gets me wide awake as the pain is nothing compared to labor but as they say, it is the smaller wounds that hurt the most.

Moms, please apply pure coconut oil as it is considered to be safe even if your baby sucks it in and it may help you ease the pain. Also available are nipple shields which work as pacifiers. However, the nipple part might be a little big for your baby to take in initially but you have to help him to do it in the right manner. The shield doesn’t really ease the pain but it avoids direct contact between your baby’s mouth and your nipple. Another alternative is your breast pump. It may seem like the best option of the lot, to express milk but I don’t recommend bottle feed this early as it is very important for your baby to have skin to skin with you. Listening to your heart beats, feeling the warmth of your body makes a difference to your bond with the baby.

Dear mothers, I suggest you start massaging your nipples right away so that your baby can latch on properly soon after birth also improving the flow of colostrum. It is the most nutritious bit of your breast milk which is great for the immune system of your baby. Also, keep a nipple butter or some lube handy for when your nipple starts to crack or dry because you might feel suicidal with the pain that follows 😛 . All the best, xoxo