Finally i get some time after almost over a month of staying away from my blog. Yes, we have been blessed with a baby boy, on the 30th of December 2016 🙂 .From now on, the end of every year is going to be a crazy 3 days of fun and frolic starting with my baby’s birthday. Would only tell myself to ‘enjoy while it lasts’ because once he grows up, there’s going to be no party with us parents but only escaping with his gang of friends haha.

Look at me, already worried about what will happen 20 years down the line while my baby is just a few days short from turning a month old. Motherhood came to me as a big surprise! Funny how you may think? Since i carried him for months and also had equal time to prepare for this new role of mine, how did it come as a surprise? Well, no one really prepares you for the post pregnancy part of it. You may find people telling you all sorts of things about managing a baby, but the truth only hits you once you have him/her in your arms. When you decide to bring a baby into this world, you need to forget about yourself. Your baby is your world! YOU are a thing of the past, but having said that you need to embrace your present role with a lot of positivity. When you have self doubt, up your morale. When you feel low or challenged, read about other stories of new moms online. YOUR story may suddenly seem better.

So, to all the new moms the first few days will be very difficult and you may want to cry or question yourself at times. Please do not worry or go into depression, just breathe and stay calm! Talk to me otherwise haha as I have managed to overcome that in good time. If your husband is around, please tell him about how exactly you are feeling and what you are going through as changes don’t end post delivery, they become bigger. Men seldom fail to understand due to lack of communication from our end. So do not fear, you are not the only one out there, there are millions of moms going through exactly that if not worse. So all the best and stay calm and happy!