Been a while since i posted here as i have been enjoying my last few days with this beautiful bump. It has been quite a journey from the nausea to food cravings, from visits to the doctor to countless blood tests, from scans to movements, from size 10 to probably 12 or 14. I will definitely miss all of this but of course the end result is what i have been awaiting for precisely 36 weeks and 4 days now 🙂

As advised by my doctor and i don’t know if i have mentioned this earlier, we need to get the baby out by week 37 or 38; which leaves me with just a few days. I am expecting my husband to get his ass here so that we can decide on a date and welcome our little bundle of joy. Deciding a date does not mean I am going for a C-section, it only means that i will be induced and rest of it only my fate will decide. I’ve done adequate research about inducing and although it may seem unnatural, it is still a better way to encourage normal delivery. I mean no offence to any mother who has been through C-section, i may have to face the same as well, but right from the start i had prepared myself to want a natural birth. So kudos to all mommies for either of the birth plans, as it takes a great deal to put your body, mind and soul through something like that.

Going back to where i started, although i am super thrilled to be seeing my baby in front of me, smell its beautiful skin, watch what i have created etc. i will surely miss my beautiful bump. A bump that changed me as a person, a bump that gave me courage to fight all those infections, a bump that made me think twice before doing or eating anything and a bump that will leave its mark on me forever! I never knew i was making such fond memories throughout this journey, all i knew is i have lived every moment. So wish me luck and i wish all the expectant mothers the same 🙂 May you have a smooth and beautiful delivery.