Just yesterday I came across this new term called ‘thrush’ which may occur during your delivery. Pregnancy brings about a lot of changes in our bodies, temperaments and life. One such change is the increase in yeast infection in your vaginal walls. This may start early in your pregnancy or may come about during the last trimester.

Yeast infection can be treated so be sure to call your practitioner for any queries. It is nothing but a curd like settlement on the walls of your vagina. This happens when you don’t wash your privates properly or when you fail to keep the area dry. At this stage in pregnancy, when your belly covers your view to look down, it definitely gets difficult to maintain cleanliness. Hence, invest in a good genital wash and use only that during your baths. Do not rub your privates harshly, but do wipe it dry.

Now, a yeast infection may be a common thing among pregnant women but it is only wiser to get rid of it before you go into labor. Till the time your baby is inside, it will not affect it. However, if you do have infection during the delivery it can pass on to your baby as the baby passes through the canal. The infection settles on the mouth of the baby on the sides and this is called a ‘thrush’. If you have a baby girl, at times it happens so that she may contract it in her privates as well. So to avoid causing any such discomfort to your baby, make it a habit to keep a clean vag.

Happy cleaning 🙂