As soon as you enter the 7th month or 28th week, your third and final trimester begins. This phase makes us every bit anxious, nervous, jumpy and restless. The long wait of 40 weeks will soon come to an end and leave you with a blessing in your arms 🙂 .

So what happens during your third trimester? Well for starters, theres a possibility of increased heart burns, insomnia, infections and even water retention. Now, let me not frighten you with these big words, these are just some of the symptoms that are likely to show up. To avoid heart burns, avoid spicy food or hitting the bed immediately after a meal. If it persists, have a glass of cold milk before bed it really helps ease the uneasiness.

Insomnia is something which will take some efforts to cure. If you believe in pressure points then the point below your little finger, on your palm helps to induce sleep. You can also try doing other activities like reading, listening to music or may be taking a stroll before bed to tire yourself. I can’t guarantee if all of this will help you as each of us are built differently but you can give it a try.


Infections like virals, urinary or any such infections are likely to come your way. If you find yourself itching all over or with nausea or turning pale, kindly call your practioner. You will be advised to run some tests to see if there is any persisiting illness. IF you are diagnosed with any of the virals, it may lead to premature labor, improper growth of the baby or even still birth. Best is to be guarded, eat right and avoid crowded places that may give you these infections.

Water retention as in swelling or collection of water at odd places in your body is not worrysome but you can try and curb it. If your ankles or legs swell, keep a cushion under it. Basically any kind of elevation will help. Avoid too much salt in your diet as it triggers swelling.

Another thing that can happen is shortness of breath. I have been facing this off late and it started scaring me. Unable to breathe at night, I have been waking up to sit upright, walk around a bit or even pray. This happens because your baby is growing and pushing all your organs in that cramped space. Also, till the baby drops you will find the position of the baby right above your belly. This can make you feel a little suffocated but please do not worry on this, just keep alternating your sleep position from your left side to your right and vice versa.

Anyway so much for now about your final trimester, but I will be back with more as and when I get to know something that is of relevance and will help my dear mommies 🙂