As i’m nearing the end of this beautiful phase of being pregnant, I am enjoying it all the more! Even though I have been unwell for the past two weeks, it doesn’t stop from being special. The kicks these days are getting stronger as there is a space crunch in my belly. Poor little baby doesn’t have enough space to move around, making its movements more prominent.

As advised by my practioner, I have been asked to check on the baby’s movements daily. This is one task I love doing as I eagerly wait for my baby to signal and tell me that things are ok. It is so much fun to watch my tummy going in waves but when the baby doesn’t move much, it freaks me out 😦 . Hence I try tehcniques like poking lightly, walking around, talking to it etc. If there are any other methods to get my baby active, I would love for you’ll to share in the comments below.

That’s all for now folks, I am quite tired out from buying Christmas gifts this morning for my friends. I will be back again 🙂 until then XOXO