I know it’s been a while since my last post but that’s only because I was a little under the weather. It started off with fever and then went onto giving me a tough time with all the body itching and vomiting. At this stage of pregnancy it is definitely alarming and I was in a way hibernating, resting it up as my body needed it.

Coming back to the changes that my body is going through, my bump has now transformed into the shape of an apple. Usually, the belly button tends to protrude as and when your bump stretches but mine has kind of gone in. So the view I have from the top resembles that of an apple. On certain days, the bump seems to have gone down a little and on other days I feel like I might just pop any minute. 😛

However, my doc tells me that I need to monitor the little buns movements now morning, noon and night just so that we can be clear of its arrival 🙂 . This being my 8th month, is crucial again as a lot of problems tend to surface, this being the last leg of the pregnancy. Weeks later, life is going to take a 360 degree spin and my bump is going to change into loose flab and of course there’s going to be a baby 🙂

So enjoy while it lasts ladies!