On entering my second trimester, I finally did breathe a sigh of relief until I saw this. A little lump under my right arm pit had formed and this was something I hadn’t noticed as I was more focused on growing my beautiful bump. This little growth started showing at the beginning of my 6th month I guess and initially I thought of it to be some kind of a fat accumulation. Like any other person would react, I panicked as well!

So I consulted my gynae friend who was in school with me and asked him a little about it because when I tried playing doctor myself and went online to research, it told me about the lump being cancerous. Now, the C word is the last thing you want your body to go through especially when you’re going to have a baby. Luckily, my friend put all my stress to rest by telling me a little more about this lump. Apparently it is something called the ‘breast tail’. Basically they are an extension of the tissues from your breast that go right up to your arm pit, because you are slowly filling your glands with milk and the lactation process has begun. It is like a duct or passage for the milk to be stored in or pumped from.

Thank god for that! However, for all the new moms to-be, please be aware of the changes that your body experiences and share it with the rest of us. Something like a breast tail is not often spoken of on the baby apps or even some of the articles. An awareness of such terms is especially important to be spread to women across the globe, to avoid any confusion or risk. So this is me giving you a little piece of info, hoping you share the same with me  in future 🙂

p.s. I won’t put up pictures of the breast tail so for those of you who are curious, you can google and take a look 🙂