The best time during the entire term, where you can relax a bit and be stress free is your second trimester. For most women, the nausea comes to an end and cravings begin. Apetite is definitely better during this time. Also, there are less restrictions on your movements as the umblical cord is now connected to your little bun. This ensures some security and chances of miscarrying drop down by notches.

Your second trimester is the time when you can enjoy some good music or go out with your girls just for a change or for that matter start focusing on the little flutters that are soon to begin inside. Yes, by the end of the fourth month you are bound to feel slight flutters. The only problem is you may not realize it initially and pass it off as being gas but once you do start focusing, it is the cutest signal that the little starts sending you.

For those of you who love traveling, this is a good time for a getaway. Take a break, rejuvenate and spend some quality time with your spouse as this is the last time you’ll will be alone together 😛 . Of course your little bun also travels with you technically but for now just focus on doing things with each other and pick a destination which isn’t too far from home. Most airlines allow you to travel up to your 28th week but we don’t want to stretch it that far so try and finish your trips before you enter your third trimester. This is why I call this period the ‘babymoon’ where you are safe and so is your baby.

Sex is safe now. Of course you need to consult your gynae before anything but it is known to be safe. So don’t worry about getting a little naughty as the  baby is too young to notice anything.

I highly recommend all the new moms to-be, to enjoy this period, play dress up and make the most of it. The moment you enter your 7th month or third trimester, your body is going to cause you discomfort and weight can actually weigh you down. So belly up 😛 and have a great babymoon period.