As much as I am waiting for the little bundle of joy to arrive, I somewhere want to continue being pregnant! As crazy or hilarious as that sounds, I kind of love feeling these kicks or looking at my stretch marks or being pampered endlessly. But what I enjoy more is not having my monthly cycles 😛 . The pain of going through the wetness, irritation, mood swings, changing non stop, becoming a little immobile etc. , just seems so not worth it!

Pregnancy on the other hand has its cons as well like sleeplessness, mood swings, weight gain, unwanted hormonal changes etc but at least it doesn’t tag along for life! Pregnancy really does bear all the other expenses that we have to cater to in our lives and as being women. It is a beautiful journey of those 36-40 weeks and another journey for life that you take on with your baby.

So enjoy these months, till the bloody monster knocks on your door once again after everything is over. I have ten more weeks to go, where I can openly boast to my friends about not getting cramps or worrying about stains etc. So all I say is, enjoy while it lasts!