With the way things are going today, people are exposed to some life changing decisions that they need to consider in their personal lives. Firstly there is this trend of getting married late. Why this has come into existence is because we have major trust issues when it comes to people we desire to know or already know. Internet plays a huge role in causing this conflict in our minds. With apps like Tinder or other online dating sites, a lot of misinformation is provided which misleads those people looking for a serious relationship or for that matter looking to settle down.

Another reason for getting married late is the choice of career. More often than ever, people seem to think of marriage as a full stop. Let us please remind ourselves that marriage is nothing but a piece of paper that binds you to your partner and not something that changes what you have been for 24-25 years. So, decisions that you do take after marriage should in no way affect your marriage. All you need to do is find a balance and you’re good to go.

However, most individuals who do get married earlier than the rest, then delay starting a family. Why? This is because none of them want their career to take a beating or want a 365 degree spin. Let us be honest, the initial joys of marriage last only till the time you don’t have your bills to pay, loans to clear or for that matter family responsibilities. I believe that risking your health at a later age has far more consequences than having a career at a later stage. Start a family and then focus on your career as you don’t have to worry about maternity leave or the long gap after pregnancy where you go through post partum depression etc. Once your baby turns 2 or 3, do start looking out for an alternative career which can help you focus on your family as well as giving you back that confidence.

So late career can definitely work better than planning a baby late. Do not risk your health or reduce your chances of having a beautiful baby, by running after your job. Your boss can wait and won’t give you your wonder years, but a baby can. So, make a move and take a risk and it’ll be a decision you will never regret for the rest of your life 🙂