Usually women enjoy dressing up or at least being up to date when it comes to fashion. There is never an end to shopping and this is nothing but the universal truth. So it comes as no surprise that even during a phase like pregnancy, they want to look and feel good. The only drawback here is the rapid weight gain that takes place, which you really don’t have any control over. So the question here is, do we keep buying apparels for each plus size that we enter into or should we try and make use of the existing clothes by making our own creative alterations? Well, let us find out!


While some women start gaining weight right from the first trimester, there are some others that tend to lose it due to all the nausea. For the ones who do gain weight, the best buy would be the stretch pants! There is nothing like owning a pair or two during this time as it’ll last you right till the end. However, do not go overboard with buying these pants as you will only need one or at the max two throughout your pregnancy.


When it comes to your top half, wear breathable fabrics and clothes. Ponchos, kaftaan, shirts or dresses itself can do the trick. If you are planning to buy something that you want to use right till the end, then go for a material that stretches like rayon, lycra or viscose. This way you are not tempted to go on splurging and changing your entire wardrobe.

As much as possible, use what you already have. Open up a few stitches, make the necessary alterations, bring out your stoles and jackets to camouflage that bump if you want and so on. Also if you want to add some spunk, team it up with some jewellery. My suggestion would be to save up on all that money for the little ones shopping as that is something you need to really think of and plan.

Things to remember:

If you buy a top or a dress, go for something with a front open zip as it’ll come in handy when you are nursing your baby later.

There is a possibility of your feet swelling as the months progress, so buy just one pair of open sandals or slippers so that you don’t get a toe jam later.