When I found out that I had conceived, the first thought that came to mind was the ‘timeline’ that was to follow. They say 9 months but it rounds up to 40 weeks and sometimes even more, based on the kind of pregnancy you have had. Now 40 weeks, is definitely a long long time and you are only lucky if the first few months pass without any troubles.

First trimester drama:

So, usually this is the time you are prone to morning sickness, slight weight gain, uneasiness and changing food habits. This was the time I was cursing those women who told me that ‘pregnancy is beautiful’! This phase was far from beautiful for me until I saw the very first scan of the baby seed. Was it exciting? Not quite. All you can see is a tiny bean shaped thing which is nothing but a sac in progress. But what was truly exciting was the fact that there was success in the crawly juniors meeting my eggs haha. You should be really grateful for that and not worry about anything else that follows.

Speaking of food habits, you’re taste buds are not your best friends during the first few months. Due to hormonal changes that your body goes through, it is only natural for you to dislike the things you once liked and may be like the things that you once disliked. Worry not, this is just the beginning and there is so much more to experience throughout this phase. Accept it with love and make sure not to go all ‘social media’ right in the beginning. Wait for the third month to pass as chances of any mishaps from happening are high during that time. We don’t want any evil eyes or prying old wives giving us some unwanted opinions. YOU will know what is best for YOU and YOUR baby to be.

Things to remember:

Do not sleep on your tummy

Forget about your waist size for a while, it will all be worth it in the end

Include a lot of fruits in your diet

Try to start off with Folic acid tablets

AVOID sex 😦