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Hello dear readers! This is going to be my newest platform to talk about all things motherhood. I do have another blog on ย but this is exclusively for mothers and the challenges that come with being a mom.

I hope I can reach out to each one of you through my writing and posts. I also wish that I can connect with as many mothers out there, who are on the same page as I am just so we can make our job easier and fun ๐Ÿ™‚

So, here is a fist bump from me to you as I need all the luck and love to get started here.


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How to relieve cold in babies

Any kind of health related discomfort to your baby, not only disturbs him but also disrupts the routine that you so carefully form around him. Cold is one such problem that is unavoidable and when you get it, it takes a while before it leaves your system. So, here are a few home remedies that you can try out to get rid of this.

The oil that you usually use for your baby for massaging purpose can be made more interesting. Fry carom seeds and few cloves of garlic till they turn brown and add it to the oil. Mainly apply this oil to the back of the baby. Repeat for a few days and it will do wonders.

Breast milk is THE best drink for babies up to 6 months. It is like a magic potion and fights all bacteria.

Clothing should be weather appropriate. Babies feel temperature slightly differently as their immune system is still building. So make sure your baby is well clad.

Nasal saline drops are another option but I would recommend trying the home remedies first and keep this as last resort.

So here’s hoping to awaken the doctor in you ๐Ÿ™‚

How to juggle between formula and breast milk

More often than ever we find new moms being extremely concerned about matters related to feeding their little ones. Breast feeding isn’t as easy as it is made out to be and no one tells you about the challenges that you may face during that journey. For most mums, lactating isn’t a problem and they tend to produce enough to keep the tummies of their babies full. However, some mothers do have milk but it may not suffice at times. Due to this, the baby keeps waking up and demanding more feed in shorter intervals. Having said that, waking up is also associated to passing pee and not just a hungry tummy.There are two ways to solve this issue; first is by eating foods that will help produce more milk and preferred second choice is to use formula.

Formula is often used by working mums and mums with produce that may not be filling their baby enough. You will often be guilt tripped about using it if you have breast milk and have been BF. Do NOT listen to such pricks as you need to do what is best for your baby. If formula helps fill the tummy, do not refrain from giving it. Breast milk is the best for your newborn, there is no doubt in that but can you let your baby go hungry just to satisfy the society? NO! Having said that, once you do introduce formula, it may be challenging to switch or substitute with BM. Well, I will tell you how that can be done.

When you introduce formula, it may seem like a rather easy option for you instead of going through sore nipples or absyss or any such problems related to BF. But when you introduce formula, there are chances that your baby may reject your milk. It is only human as we go after what is tasty. So, start with giving formula milk just once a day. Give the baby your milk all day and then give one bottle feed at night. Follow this time table for a few days and see if it works. Your baby may start demanding more formula as it requires lesser effort to suck out of a bottle than your breast. If that happens, keep the bottle handy and while feeding or after burping him once, offer your breast. The transition will be smooth and the baby may not realize the switch. If he does realize, then add a few drops of formula to your nipple and then offer. This way, your little one may be able to take in your milk. If that doesn’t work, you could also add pure honey to your nipple just to bring in some change.

So do try these out and Happy feeding ๐Ÿ™‚

How to release gases in babies

Babies cry and they cry a lot. It is not always when they are hungry or sleepy, it can also be when they are uneasy. Soon after birth, newborns have several issues related to their tummies. It begins with passing motion or not passing motion, then it could be colic or sometimes it is just gas. Gas is caused for two reasons- 1: when the mother eats something that causes gas and it gets passed onto the baby and 2: when the baby has been burped well.

Usually it is the second one which needs more attention as the first reason can still be monitored and controlled. Babies tend to take in a lot of air when they are breastfeeding. However, they take in more air when they bottle feed as the grip is different from that of a nipple. At times even when they take in large volume of milk at one go, it can cause gas. What should one do to release these gases? Well, for starters we have to take enough time and burp our baby. Place your baby over the shoulder and pat the back with the right amount of pressure. During the first few days the baby takes slightly longer to burp but as the digestive system falls into place, your baby may burp almost immediately.

Another way of releasing gas is by placing your baby on his back and exercising the legs in a cycling motion. This causes pressure to the stomach area and the baby will surely pass gas. If this doesn’t work, you can try stomach fermentation. You take a towel,dip it in warm water and squeeze the water out. After doing this, place the towel on your baby’s tummy. Repeat this at least 2-3 times a day and it’ll work wonders.

Hope this post helps all of you ๐Ÿ™‚

The truth about poop



As soon as you have your baby in your arms, you have feelings of pure love as also a baggage of worries that are a part of your ‘new mom’ journey. Each day with your baby is a different experience, especially if you aren’t that aware of how things work. Your first concerns as a new mom will be to check your baby’s pee and poop count. The color of the urine detects if your baby has neonatal jaundice or any other health condition if at all. However, you are going to be in for a shock when you see your baby’s first poop. It is black and tar like in consistency. Yes! Black poop and it smells tangy for some reason. But, please do not worry about that as it is normal and will last for two to three days or sometimes even longer.

The black is due to high levels of meconium which do subside in time. Soon after the black poop, you will see dark green next. However, if black continues for over a week kindly consult your practitioner. Once you see dark green, you will slowly see tinges of yellow and that’s when you know that your baby’s system is slowly falling into place. Now that you are aware of the shade card for your baby’s poopu, please keep a check and do not worry.

Also, some newborns do not pass motion as often as others. My baby boy wouldn’t poop for four to five days! All other mothers said it is a matter of concern and that it is not good etc. But I believed in my baby and since he was born in the 37th week, I felt that his digestive system was taking its time to normalise. What i did was, i carved a piece of soap as a suppository to stimulate the rectum. You can also use a Q-tip doused in vaseline and insert gently into the rectum. These are home remedies which will definitely work rather than making that trip to the hospital and seeing worrysome faces around you. Stay calm new mom, as your baby needs you to be. The calmer you are, the better you will be able to handle things. So, I hope this post was helpful and you’ll now know about the truth about baby poop! If there are any more questions, feel free to reach out to me!

‘Booby’ call

Once you are a mother, you have to be prepared for not just changing diapers and cleaning the pee and poo but also ready with your milk factory- ze boobay! I used to think of breastfeeding as one of the best moments you share with your baby soon after birth and after. And it definitely is! The first time your baby latches on, when you see your baby suckle and then stare at you (while not being able to really focus) and so on. But, did any one tell you about breast engorgement, sore nipples or pain? Not many mothers share that part of it but here I am sharing a little bit of information.


Why I call it ‘booby’ call is because you need to feed your baby on demand and trust me the demand will be a lot in the initial few days. This will be to the extent that you’ll literally need to sit in the bare to save you the trouble from unbuttoning repeatedly. So, at nights when my baby boy cries out of hunger I jump out of bed and quickly pop the boob out to feed him. But, when he latches onto my sore nipple, it is like I tasted piri piri and back! This gets me wide awake as the pain is nothing compared to labor but as they say, it is the smaller wounds that hurt the most.

Moms, please apply pure coconut oil as it is considered to be safe even if your baby sucks it in and it may help you ease the pain. Also available are nipple shields which work as pacifiers. However, the nipple part might be a little big for your baby to take in initially but you have to help him to do it in the right manner. The shield doesn’t really ease the pain but it avoids direct contact between your baby’s mouth and your nipple. Another alternative is your breast pump. It may seem like the best option of the lot, to express milk but I don’t recommend bottle feed this early as it is very important for your baby to have skin to skin with you. Listening to your heart beats, feeling the warmth of your body makes a difference to your bond with the baby.

Dear mothers, I suggest you start massaging your nipples right away so that your baby can latch on properly soon after birth also improving the flow of colostrum. It is the most nutritious bit of your breast milk which is great for the immune system of your baby. Also, keep a nipple butter or some lube handy for when your nipple starts to crack or dry because you might feel suicidal with the pain that follows ๐Ÿ˜› . All the best, xoxo

It’s a boy!


Finally i get some time after almost over a month of staying away from my blog. Yes, we have been blessed with a baby boy, on the 30th of December 2016 ๐Ÿ™‚ .From now on, the end of every year is going to be a crazy 3 days of fun and frolic starting with my baby’s birthday. Would only tell myself to ‘enjoy while it lasts’ because once he grows up, there’s going to be no party with us parents but only escaping with his gang of friends haha.

Look at me, already worried about what will happen 20 years down the line while my baby is just a few days short from turning a month old. Motherhood came to me as a big surprise! Funny how you may think? Since i carried him for months and also had equal time to prepare for this new role of mine, how did it come as a surprise? Well, no one really prepares you for the post pregnancy part of it. You may find people telling you all sorts of things about managing a baby, but the truth only hits you once you have him/her in your arms. When you decide to bring a baby into this world, you need to forget about yourself. Your baby is your world! YOU are a thing of the past, but having said that you need to embrace your present role with a lot of positivity. When you have self doubt, up your morale. When you feel low or challenged, read about other stories of new moms online. YOUR story may suddenly seem better.

So, to all the new moms the first few days will be very difficult and you may want to cry or question yourself at times. Please do not worry or go into depression, just breathe and stay calm! Talk to me otherwise haha as I have managed to overcome that in good time. If your husband is around, please tell him about how exactly you are feeling and what you are going through as changes don’t end post delivery, they become bigger. Men seldom fail to understand due to lack of communication from our end. So do not fear, you are not the only one out there, there are millions of moms going through exactly that if not worse. So all the best and stay calm and happy!

Ending with a beginning


Been a while since i posted here as i have been enjoying my last few days with this beautiful bump. It has been quite a journey from the nausea to food cravings, from visits to the doctor to countless blood tests, from scans to movements, from size 10 to probably 12 or 14. I will definitely miss all of this but of course the end result is what i have been awaiting for precisely 36 weeks and 4 days now ๐Ÿ™‚

As advised by my doctor and i don’t know if i have mentioned this earlier, we need to get the baby out by week 37 or 38; which leaves me with just a few days. I am expecting my husband to get his ass here so that we can decide on a date and welcome our little bundle of joy. Deciding a date does not mean I am going for a C-section, it only means that i will be induced and rest of it only my fate will decide. I’ve done adequate research about inducing and although it may seem unnatural, it is still a better way to encourage normal delivery. I mean no offence to any mother who has been through C-section, i may have to face the same as well, but right from the start i had prepared myself to want a natural birth. So kudos to all mommies for either of the birth plans, as it takes a great deal to put your body, mind and soul through something like that.

Going back to where i started, although i am super thrilled to be seeing my baby in front of me, smell its beautiful skin, watch what i have created etc. i will surely miss my beautiful bump. A bump that changed me as a person, a bump that gave me courage to fight all those infections, a bump that made me think twice before doing or eating anything and a bump that will leave its mark on me forever! I never knew i was making such fond memories throughout this journey, all i knew is i have lived every moment. So wish me luck and i wish all the expectant mothers the same ๐Ÿ™‚ May you have a smooth and beautiful delivery.


The thing called “thrush”

Just yesterday I came across this new term called ‘thrush’ which may occur during your delivery. Pregnancy brings about a lot of changes in our bodies, temperaments and life. One such change is the increase in yeast infection in your vaginal walls. This may start early in your pregnancy or may come about during the last trimester.

Yeast infection can be treated so be sure to call your practitioner for any queries. It is nothing but a curd like settlement on the walls of your vagina. This happens when you don’t wash your privates properly or when you fail to keep the area dry. At this stage in pregnancy, when your belly covers your view to look down, it definitely gets difficult to maintain cleanliness. Hence, invest in a good genital wash and use only that during your baths. Do not rub your privates harshly, but do wipe it dry.

Now, a yeast infection may be a common thing among pregnant women but it is only wiser to get rid of it before you go into labor. Till the time your baby is inside, it will not affect it. However, if you do have infection during the delivery it can pass on to your baby as the baby passes through the canal. The infection settles on the mouth of the baby on the sides and this is called a ‘thrush’. If you have a baby girl, at times it happens so that she may contract it in her privates as well. So to avoid causing any such discomfort to your baby, make it a habit to keep a clean vag.

Happy cleaning ๐Ÿ™‚

Third trimester: countdown begins


As soon as you enter the 7th month or 28th week, your third and final trimester begins. This phase makes us every bit anxious, nervous, jumpy and restless. The long wait of 40 weeks will soon come to an end and leave you with a blessing in your arms ๐Ÿ™‚ .

So what happens during your third trimester? Well for starters, theres a possibility of increased heart burns, insomnia, infections and even water retention. Now, let me not frighten you with these big words, these are just some of the symptoms that are likely to show up. To avoid heart burns, avoid spicy food or hitting the bed immediately after a meal. If it persists, have a glass of cold milk before bed it really helps ease the uneasiness.

Insomnia is something which will take some efforts to cure. If you believe in pressure points then the point below your little finger, on your palm helps to induce sleep. You can also try doing other activities like reading, listening to music or may be taking a stroll before bed to tire yourself. I can’t guarantee if all of this will help you as each of us are built differently but you can give it a try.


Infections like virals, urinary or any such infections are likely to come your way. If you find yourself itching all over or with nausea or turning pale, kindly call your practioner. You will be advised to run some tests to see if there is any persisiting illness. IF you are diagnosed with any of the virals, it may lead to premature labor, improper growth of the baby or even still birth. Best is to be guarded, eat right and avoid crowded places that may give you these infections.

Water retention as in swelling or collection of water at odd places in your body is not worrysome but you can try and curb it. If your ankles or legs swell, keep a cushion under it. Basically any kind of elevation will help. Avoid too much salt in your diet as it triggers swelling.

Another thing that can happen is shortness of breath. I have been facing this off late and it started scaring me. Unable to breathe at night, I have been waking up to sit upright, walk around a bit or even pray. This happens because your baby is growing and pushing all your organs in that cramped space. Also, till the baby drops you will find the position of the baby right above your belly. This can make you feel a little suffocated but please do not worry on this, just keep alternating your sleep position from your left side to your right and vice versa.

Anyway so much for now about your final trimester, but I will be back with more as and when I get to know something that is of relevance and will help my dear mommies ๐Ÿ™‚




















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